Maxillaria variabilis

🌿Maxillaria variabilis🌿, AKA the Variable Orchid, gets its name from both the variable bloom time as well as the variable shapes and variable colors that the flowers come in.

Hailing from Central America,🌎 Ecuador, and Colombia, this small orchid grows as an epiphyte in dense humid lowland forests💦🌳🌴. It comes in red, cream, yellow, orange, chartreuse, and black colored flowers that all smell either floral or maple-syrupy/musky.

I grow mine in 25% orchid bark mix and 75% sphagnum in a clear plastic pot that sits in a tray of water. Appreciates spritzing💦💦, and will be larger if you do keep the humidity high, but it’s not necessary. Keep perpetually moist💧💧💧💧, though you can force it to flower by drought stressing it for a bit. Tolerates a wide temperature range but prefers warm to hot temperatures.🌡 Tolerant of all window lighting conditions. ☀️🌤⛅🌥☁️ Perfect for indoors.

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