Our Services

In a nutshell:

We do house calls for sick and dying plants and include treatments as well as give care instructions on how to keep your plants alive.

Why choose us? Plant Doctor Christopher Satch is a professor of Plant Biology and Pathology who teaches at The New York Botanical Garden, and is an expert in plant ailments, growing in urban environments, and has seen it all. He doesn’t just regurgitate what you have read on the internet, but personalizes his diagnosis based on his years of experience and your conditions.

  • Home/Office Visit Plant Diagnostics – Find out what is making your plant drop its leaves or why your plant is dying or more through a home or office visit. We treat for pests, fungi, fertilize, and pruning. (Pricing starts at $180 for a home visit and varies with the number and size of the plants; outdoor/terrace visits start at $630; neither includes repotting).
  • In-home Repotting – No lugging your plants around risking damage and pest exposure, and no hassles! Repotting starts at $180 for smaller plants, and starts at $240 for larger plants. Regarding fungus gnat control, please read and agree to our Fungus Gnat Policy. Repotting is charged separately from a diagnostic visit. We recommend which pots and how much soil to get, then you order them, then we fulfill on the repotting and labor.
  • Plant Maintenance – We take care of your plants while you’re away so you can have peace of mind.
    (Pricing is on a per-job basis)
  • Plant Styling – We plant design interiors, terraces, yards, landscapes, and more for plants that will live the conditions that you have, from experts that want your plants to live.
    (Pricing starts at $410 for a room)
  • Plant Educational Workshops/Tutoring – You won’t get any better than Professor Satch teaching you about the mysteries of how plants work, and how that translates into home care.
    (Private Classes Start at $210)

Please note: we do not do Virtual Plant Help/Consultations. We cannot properly diagnose the plants if we cannot feel the conditions or the soil of the plant. We also cannot check for mites or see any other anomalies over the camera, and cameras change the true brightness of the room, making diagnosis difficult. It is for those reasons why we do NOT do virtual plant help.

What’s included in a Home/Office Plant Diagnostic Consultation?

If you have a sick or dying plant, we can help! During this consultation, our horticulturally-accredited experts will come to your home or office and diagnose, and treat, if need be, for pests, fungi, fertilize, pruning, etc. Repotting is an extra fee. During initial contact, we may ask you to send photos of your plants to determine if a consultation is necessary.

We will also show you how to properly figure out how much light your plant needs, proper watering techniques, other plant care techniques, and give you all the information that you need to keep your plant alive and healthy. We typically follow up with links to recommended fertilizers, potting soils, and other products.

If plant pests are detected, we offer a few tiers of options. Pests do not go away with just one spraying; you will need to spray about 3-4 times for eradication. We can spray for the pests once, then show you how to spray for them yourself and supply an amazon link to the right pesticide to use, OR we can come back each week, and for a fee, spray for you.

Fungal treatments, if needed, only need to be done once.

Typical consultations are intended for a few or more small plants, or one or more large plants, and increase based on number of plants, services needed, etc.

We do NOT do virtual consultations, as we cannot assess the environmental conditions, and Zoom video is not granular enough to see mites and other pests.

What’s included in a Plant Design and Styling Consultation?

We can make your urban jungle dreams come true – with plants that will actually live in your space! If you are tired of other designers that just pop plants anywhere, which die in a few months, then you have come to the right place. We measure the amount of light and heat that your space gets and work with you to fill it with plants that will live perfectly in the space. We love putting flowering, fragrant, and edible plants where we can, but also love just plain ol’ greenery!

We typically first do a site visit, then follow up with a manifest of plants that will go in each room. We always provide our plant sources, and give you excellent places to buy plants. For an extra fee, we can also install and repot the plants in your space for you if you do not want to get your hands dirty. We do offices, homes, terraces, backyards, and any space you want plants. Contact us for a quote!

What’s included in Regular Plant Maintenance packages?

Are you a busy office manager or someone who’s always travelling, but still want your plants to look greenhouse fresh? We offer weekly maintenance packages where we water, prune, fertilize, and treat for pests and fungi to ensure the health of the plants. Repotting and replacing is an extra fee. Contact us for a quote!

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