Calathea Care

Background Information Calathea is a genus of neotropical rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plants which includes Calathea, Maranta, Stromanthe, Ctenanthe, and more; but are referred to generally as ‘calatheas’ or ‘prayer plants.’  They all hail from the same family, Marantaceae, the prayer plant family. Simply put, Marantaceae is nicknamed the ‘Prayer Plant’ family due to the dailyContinue reading “Calathea Care”

Common Planting Wisdom

Congratulations on your new plant!  Whether you are new to plants, or someone with some plant experience, as they say, “even the greats practice the basics”.  We want to share with you some plant wisdom, based in science and experience, to help you be successful in keeping your plant pal alive. (Page still under construction,Continue reading “Common Planting Wisdom”