NYC Plant Help Fungus Gnat Policy

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in getting rid of fungus gnats from your home.  Please be advised that getting rid of fungus gnats is a process that requires discipline, and it is indeed possible to reduce or eliminate fungus gnats from your home.

That being said, it is a long process, and requires changes in how you care for your plants.  I have over 300+ plants in my apartment, and I don’t have any fungus gnats, except the ones in the carnivorous plant terrarium, but they are supposed to be there anyway.

Fungus gnats are simple creatures, and only inhabit environments that are suitable to them.  Therefore, the most effective means of control is to make an environment that is unsuitable for them.  When you book a consultation, NYC Plant Help will give you advice to change your plants’ environment, care, etc. in order to create an environment that is unfavorable, and ideally hostile to the fungus gnats.  Cultural control of your plants is the secret to staying gnat-free, and NYC Plant Help will give you the advice and tools to get your home to a gnat-free state.  We also offer, if need be, the treatments that can reduce the population of gnats to a manageable level.  We are not exterminators, but we do know how to get rid of horticultural pests.  Therefore, we do not guarantee anything other than the right information to get rid of the fungus gnats.

We also advise you, the homeowner to consider the presence of fruit flies, which are often confused for fungus gnats.  Fruit flies live and feed on different materials, typically food waste, and garbage that has been hanging around for too long.  If your window is nearby a trash can, or if you might leave food/garbage in your home for too long, consider that this may be the source of your “gnat” infestation.  We cannot help with that kind of infestation, other than perhaps suggest that you clean/take out the garbage more often.

If you acknowledge this, and wish to proceed, please continue here to request a quote to help you get rid of fungus gnats.

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