Paphiopedilum delenatii Care

🌿Paphiopedilum delenatii🌿 is a terrestrial to lithophytic species of lady slipper orchid that is super easy to grow and is fragrant too!

Hailing from Vietnam🌏 in lowlands around granite outcroppings, sandy soil, or other silica-rich, acidic soil in evergreen tropical forests, this plant was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in the wild about 100 years ago.

It has a clumping habit with no pseudobulbs, and blooms when the new growth is complete, which can be up to twice a year, and hold the bloom for a month or more.

Its fragrance is sweet like raspberries or honey 🍯, and its light pink blush is amazing!

✅Easy to grow. Room temperature is fine.🌡 Plant in very fine orchid bark mix with some sphagnum or tree fern bark and sphagnum and sprinkle a tiny bit of sand in there. Mound a top-dressing of sphagnum up the base of the plant to the first few leaves. As it has no pseudobulbs, keep it perpetually moist💧💧💧💧. Spritz often💦💦💦💦 (but doesn’t care if you don’t; if you spritz, target the mound). Place in any window except an exposed South window. It likes a tickle of direct sun, but not much more.🌤⛅🌥☁️

One of my picks for beginners!

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