Lady of the Night – Brassavola nodosa

Lady of the Night Plant / Brassavola Nodosa Care

The Lady of the Night Orchid, 🌿Brassavola nodosa🌿 is putting on a spring show! This Central and northern South American orchid can be found in hot tropical lowlands down to sea level. Surprisingly, this orchid is salt tolerant, being observed growing on mangrove roots and getting occasionally splashed by sea water.

Lady of the night orchid flower

She’s the lady of the night because she is extremely fragrant at night with jasmine / citrus fragrance, and unscented in the day time.

This easy to grow beginner orchid can be mounted with sphagnum or potted in orchid bark mix with sphagnum. Prefers as much direct sun☀️🌤 as you can give it indoors, but will tolerate less, though it won’t be as floriferous. Keep warm 🌡and moist- you can trigger them to flower with a brief reduction of watering for a few weeks followed by keeping them moist and hitting them with water as soon as they dry out💧💧💧. Mist the roots if they’re exposed.💦💦

lady of the night orchid tropical houseplant

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