Guarianthe aurantica

🌿Guarianthe aurantica Trick or Treat🌿, in bloom for me right on time! This is one of the easiest Cattleya-type plants to grow and one I recommend for beginners. I have abused this plant in the past and it still bloomed!

Guarianthe aurantica potted plant

Many Cattleya-type orchids have various requirements to bloom, which is why they can be frustrating to the indoor grower. Luckily, there are no environmental triggers – it blooms on an internal clock.

Blast with as many direct sunbeams as possible in a South window☀️🌤. Will tolerate East or west windows, but won’t bloom as much. Plant in coarse orchid bark mix with some sphagnum indoors. Water when dry💧💧. Increase watering when coming into bloom. The more you spritz, the happier the plant will be, but doesn’t care if you don’t. Prefers room temperature or warmer! 🌡

Easy to grow!

Close up Guarianthe aurantica orchid flowers
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